• Img126
    Abdu Salim
  • Aladdin's Magic Lamb
  • Jazz
  • Post-Bop, Contemporary, Modern Big Band
  • Released: 2011
  • Recorded: 2001, 2007
  • Crisis Muzon Records
  • CMR $001


1. Jibril
2. The Next Blues
3. Elegante
4. Amirha's Dance
5. Salaam Salim
6. Du's Due's Blues
7. Urgent
8. Sigh Of Life
9. Aladdin's Lamp

Все композиции Абду Салима



Abdu Salim - ss,ts,fl
Nicolas Gardell - tp
Olivier Sabalier - tb
Remy Leclerc - p
Maxime Delparle - b
Frederic Petitprez - dr
Секстет записан 3.03.2008 в Тулузе (Франция).

[8-9] Abdu Salim Big Band
Оркестр записан 22.04.2001 там же.

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